Clementine Gasser


The Spring of My Life 10.000 Leaves Nadir+Mahora Avant-Rag Baudelaire PIONEER 23 White Rufus



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Sample-Tracks from the CD:
The first part – „Suite for you - Part I-VII“ – is dedicated to guitarist Peter Lössl, my long-standing partner, in life and in music. The seven-part suite is an exploration, in musical stages, of various periods of time or, rather, of the context of life during these periods. These conditions emerge in the music, projected onto the background of eternity.
The second part consists of musical quotations on the recurring themes of “Realities, Illusions, Reflections”:
Oh, how readily my eyes cloud over! (P.C.)

12 Tracks ~ 77:18
01.   04:15   Part    I    Pioneer 23
02.   08:19   Part   II    Second wind
03.   11:03   Part  III     Reading through
04.   02:22   Part  IV    off an oN
05.   04:59   Part   V    open secret
06.   04:27   Part  VI    Variatio delectat
07.   07:34   Part VII     Implosion
08.   04:35   pwn
09.   16:34   No.34
10.   00:09   Ricochet
11.   06:06   St-Valéry
12.   06:25   Tension

Clementine Gasser cello solo

All compositions and improvisations by Gasser
Produced by WKM/WILDE KAMMERMUSIK, Clementine Gasser
Recorded & mixed 2003 by Alex Tomann, Beat4Feet Recording Studios
@ Dolphin Suite Vienna/Austria
Except No. 06, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12: Recorded by Gasser
Mastered by George Marino, Sterling Sound New York
No overdubs. All rights reserved
Photo by Lukas Beck | Coverdesign by Rudi Aigelsreiter
WKM 2003/03