Clementine Gasser


The Spring of My Life 10.000 Leaves Nadir+Mahora Avant-Rag Baudelaire PIONEER 23 White Rufus

10.000 Leaves

10.000 Leaves

Sample-Tracks from the CD:

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07 Tracks ~ 52:03
01.  07:28    Atomic Heart
02.  03:07    Shade Multiplication
03.  08:02    Fire Code
04.  04:10    Radiance
05.  09:43    10.000 Leaves
06.  09:53    Kitty Hawk
07.  09:30    Remaining Words


Wild Chamber Trio
Gianni Mimmo
soprano saxophone
Elisabeth Harnik piano
Clementine Gasser 5-string cello


Music by Mimmo/Harnik/Gasser
Recorded live in concert at Amann Studios, Vienna/Austria on november 18, 2010
Sound engineer: Christoph Amann
Mixing & mastering: Maurizio Giannotti, New Mastering Studio, Milano, Italy
Coverphoto/Coverart: Marek Wajda
Executive Producer: Marek Winiarski
NotTwo Records Poland 2012
MW 880-2