Clementine Gasser


Mahora: Trio Trzaska-Gasser-Zerang
Concert at Alchemia, Kraków/Poland – Muzyka Łukasz Gnat march 2008

[...] An extraordinary concert that weaves together the work of three wonderful artists who have set out to find a common language. And they have found it. Two sets; countless emotions; millions of sounds. Undisguised feelings on the musicians’ faces. Original compositions, daring combinations. [...]

In this musical balancing act between silence and chaos, Mikołaj Trzaska, pioneer of the Yass scene (polish avant-garde jazz) and founder of the Miłość cult group, forced his saxophone to emit a whispering sound reminiscent of ragged deep breath, rapping and hammering. [...]

Michael Zerang’s talent also shone brightly as he masterfully handled the percussion instruments. I admire the musician’s keen musical perspicacity and his great sensitivity for his fellow players. And then, finally, there is passionate Clementine Gasser – a volcanic power source. In this scene she is a true apparition. [...] One gets the impression she was simply made for playing the cello. Her feeling for her instrument is almost as great as her self-awareness, which makes her keenly precise – every sound is followed through to the very end, until complete silence reigns and the last dust mite of the musical dust cloud has settled down. Gasser only wakes up in the short breaks between the consecutive compositions. When she plays she is absent, completely immersed in the world of her art. An interesting, intriguing and inspiring event. [...]