Clementine Gasser


Clementine Gasser – CD-Review PIONEER 23
skug – Magazin für Musik Noël Akchoté März 2004

Cello solo, no overdubs, improvs and compositions. Probably the first thing you notice while listening to these recordings is an amazing strength and desire to play. A really full physical pleasure to deal with that piece of wood and its rolls of strings.

A sound is something you first need to find inside yourself and then many possibilities are given to you: Hide it, throw it, divert it, sustain it, fight it, break it, glue it together again, lose it, smash it , etc ... . I m saying all that just to point out the fact that Clementine Gasser has both these crucial elements. A need to play, and her own sound.

In these debut solo-recordings, she succeeds to my ears in music more than anything, her mastery of the instrument allowing her to go far beyond a simple ‘cello solo’ album of the type we know. She can claim a very good place between artists such as Erik Friedlander, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Marie Frances Uitti or Ernst Reijseger. A real discovery and a profound talent.