Clementine Gasser


Wiener Zeitung Christine Dobretsberger february 2000

[...] It’s always a good sign when you can still conjure up in your mind’s eye acutely sharp images and authentic sounds from a concert you heard hours ago. And this is a feat most recently performed by cellist Clementine Gasser.

“Wild chamber music” is what the Swiss-born musician dubs her idiosyncratic mixture of innovative sound gestures. Experiment and tradition seem to weave into each other and are seamlessly integrated into the composition process. A sensually marbled music with an immensely textured sound.

Clementine Gasser breathes vibrant life into her cello, a liveliness that serves as an inspiration for surprising improvisation techniques. Asynchronous tempo changes alternate with finely felt harmonic fields that spread a rare, sensual magic.