Clementine Gasser


Clementine Gasser & Mikołaj Trzaska Duo
Festivalu Kobiet 2007 – concert at Alchemia, Kraków/Poland Maciej Kozłowski march 2007

Clementine Gasser and her duo partner, Danzig-born musician Mikołaj Trzaska (bass clarinet, saxophone), get along phenomenally well on stage. Simply the combination of improvisational skills of the cellist, who has her roots in classical music, and the jazz impressions of Trzaska, who owes his finishing touches to the legendary Miłość Group. The duo line-up creates a very immediate dialogue experience in which Gasser and Trzaska proved to be extremely convincing.

The concert in Alchemia started out with very soft playing by Gasser; one could feel how every individual note gave the musician a welcome reason to linger and dwell on how the sound exuded both consistency and dynamic development. When one sound had exhausted its potential she would progress to other ways of expression – some tenser sequences followed unexpectedly – but overall her play was suffused with a sense of freedom. [...]

Hailing from Switzerland, Clementine Gasser studied in Vienna and received recognition for her presence in the world of music in the form of numerous awards for her compositions. Gasser was the first woman in Austrian history to receive the “Talent award for music/composition from the Republic of Austria” which is a significant national prize.